Our Story

Our Story

My name is Vince Morgan and I am the Founder of Blue Bell Web Hosting, LLC.  Our core mission is simple, to make a difference, one website at a time. And the way we do this is by donating ten percent of your purchase to one of nine causes that you  choose.  The causes we have to choose from are Breast Cancer Awareness, Hunger, Animal Rescue, Cancer Research, Clean Water, Environment, Anti-Bullying, Military Veterans, and Autism Awareness.  The reasons why I decided to do this was because when I retired from the United States Marine Corps in 2010, as a fellow Veteran, I wanted to find a way to give back.  And another big reason was my sister, Charmaine Morgan.

Our Sister Charmaine

Charmaine Morgan was my younger sister.  In June of 2014, Charmaine was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  By September 23rd, 2014 she passed away from the disease. The picture to the right was the last picture taken of Charmaine only a couple of weeks before her passing.  The one point that my sister continued to hammer home to me each time I visited her at the hospital, or when taking her to do her treatments, was that everyone needs to be aware that this can happen to them ,and how important  it is that each and every person, and not just women, need to be checked for this deadly disease.

So as a way to honor her memory, I started to brainstorm and figure out a way to help continue her message to those that need to hear it.  And so at that time (January 2015), I founded Blue Bell Web Hosting, LLC.  By incorporating her message through our company, I can not only make an impact to Breast Cancer Awareness, but I can also help other causes that are important to us and our clients as well.  After all Blue Bell Web Hosting’s mission counts not only on the business, but our clients too.  Only together do we have the power to change lives, and give those who are in need a second chance at life.

Making A Difference

From 2015 to 2016, we opened Blue Bell Web hosting and started to grow it to a point that it can stand on its own.  And in 2017, we decided to move into our final phase and implement our core mission of donating 10 percent of all purchases to the nine causes that we have outlined.  We do this to help make an impact not only to Breast Cancer Awareness, but to our fellow Veterans, our Children, and all of those who are fighting Cancer, along with our other Causes.  And with your help, we can reach even further and make a difference together, one website at a time.



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